General Testimonials

For many years I suffered from severe neck pains, which culminated in horrendous headaches lasting for several days at a time and these occurred on, often a weekly basis. I visited my G.P. and was given a diagnosis of "Cluster Headaches" and was treated with pain killers. These afforded me no relief. I was eventually referred to the hospital to have physiotherapy, again no relief! I decided to try a chiropractor and subsequently visited an acupuncturist and a masseur. Eventually it was suggested that I make an appointment to see Rob and the Bowen Technique, although skeptical I had my first treatment in November 2008. I can honestly say I have never looked back. My headaches and neck pain have gradually decreased and in the past six months I have not had a single one. My thanks to Rob for giving me my life back.

Ray Slinn. Retired Micklover Derby

I have had weak ankles for years and over time tried pretty much everything. I tried physio, massage, osteopathy, wearing bandages and more. They would easily turn over and be sore and quite often swollen.

I then went to live in Prague which exacerbated the situation as the cobbled roads and pavements were hard to walk on at the best of times. My ankles always seemed to be sore. I happened to be in London and read an article written by a woman with just my problem who had been successfully helped by the Bowen Technique. I didn't think I had anything to lose as it was described as non-invasive so rang the school of Bowen Studies to find a local practitioner.
I found Robert who is so down to earth that he was immediately reassuring.

I had a couple of sessions and as I did not have current symptoms noticed no immediate change. However several months later I realised something was missing, pain and discomfort in my ankles. I hadn't gone over on my ankles since the treatment. 

Since then I have gone back for 2-3 sessions every year or so for a top up on my ankles and to deal with other body niggles, I am not getting any younger.

I have recommended Bowen to many friends who sometimes look skeptical. That is their loss.

Jennifer Potter, Retired, Prague, Czech Republic

Would like to express my appreciation of Rob Butler and the Bowen Technique. Nothing less than magical.

Had a stroke 2 years ago and ordinary physiotherapy gave me a trapped sciatic nerve – agonising! Was on heavy duty painkillers in order to sleep, but moving was agony! Managed to get down stairs and into a car to visit Rob by dint of 2 people holding onto me. After one treatment I climbed the stairs unaided on my return and one other treatment completed the cure. Rob has also greatly improved my partially dislocated left shoulder which injured by the weight of my paralysed arm pulling on the joint. It is so wonderful not to have constant pain there.

Last week I fell and had a sprained ankle but luckily was on my way to see Rob. Last time I had a sprained ankle it took months to improve well enough to walk on. This time it ached a lot that evening, but next morning the pain had virtually gone and three days later it is completely gone except when doing a lot of standing or walking.

 I cannot recommend Rob Butler and the Bowen Technique highly enough.

 Janet Billington ( retired ) Richmond, Surrey

I first came across Rob after five years of chronic disabling back pain. By then I had seen any amount of both conventional and alternative health practitioners: a string of chiropractors, acupuncturists and physiotherapists. The alternative practitioners had at least touched my back – something which in ten years of seeing various GPs, surgeons and specialists only two doctors did – none of them had managed to make a sustained difference. Rob’s input greatly improved my mobility and meant I could still work.

Eventually I was diagnosed with a rare type of tumour inside the spine. When I went in to have this removed, my case was unusual - normally patients presenting with this level of tumour can't walk. I took this as a massive validation of Rob’s work.

Over the last four years I have regularly seen Rob for treatment and see his work with me as an integral part of my recovery rebuilding core strength and flexibility. Rob has taught me techniques to free up my shoulders and back alongside his treatment. The results are astounding - I feel I have got my life back. A keen walker I can now carry a laden rucksack and do self supported long distance walks in the Pyrenees, Snowdonia and the Scottish mountains. I run regularly – something which had been out of the question for over ten years. My recovery has reached the point where I am now training for cross country skiing and considering entering fell running competitions.

 Steve Woodword (Community Development Manager) Stratford, East London

I came to see Robert through a recommendation from a friend. I had suffered severe lower back pain for many years that also caused numbness in my face and pain in my legs. I had been to see countless chiropractors and osteopaths could only temporarily remedy my pain and discomfort. After even my first visit to Robert I felt considerably better and I found my condition significantly improve with every further visit. I would recommend the Bowen treatment to anyone- its been truly remarkable and has helped me lead a normal life. 
Thank you Rob.

 Alexander Lazarov, Estate Agent, London

Robert Butler has helped me with various aches and pains over the years including most recently a trapped nerve in my neck.

Other treatments such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, accupuncture and massage have failed, and more conventional doctors have urged me to take pain killers and get on with it.

The great thing about Rob is that his techniques are evolving all the time. I don't know how it works, but it does!!

 Valerie Moss (Existential Psychotherapist) Belsize Park London

Three years ago I suffered severe sciatic pains and numbness down my leg after an operation, The surgeon could not suggest anything but rest and patience, I decided to seek advice from Robert Butler who treated me and after one treatment I could walk freely and without pain and the numbness had completely gone. I was delighted and have since received treatment from Robert for any musculoskeletal inflammation that I have suffered since. Robert also applied his technique to help me recover the use of my arm and hand after a fracture. He is a godsend to me.

Anna Goodwin

Having had MS for the past 32 years I have a long history of contention with my body. At times it refuses to do what I want and, frankly, I'd always seen it as rejecting me. I guess that's a strange concept, but resulted in me pushing it hard. I skied, sailed, windsurfed, played squash, cycled and worked hard for long hours. Three years ago, with me at 52, my body threw another problem - prostate cancer. I now have no prostate and no cancer- it's a good result! Coming out of the recovery I dithered for a while with my fitness but eventually took up training with a personal trainer - and that's how I found Rob. Luke, my trainer, talked about him and I thought I would give the man a try.

I went in with a problem with my left shoulder and arm and suspected that the training had just discovered damage from the MS.

Rob's sessions were initially confusing. I'm not a patient man and previously preferred physical therapies to be strong - even tough - which matched the kind of attitude I had to my body - "you will do what I tell you". The gentle pace and touch, combined with Rob's leaving me lying on the bench alone for part of the time, made me relax - which in itself is no mean feat. After a couple of sessions it was apparent that something very strong was happening, particularly in the evening and through the night immediately after the treatment. I'd not had great sensation in the soles of my feet as a result of the MS, they are better. The arm and shoulder are better. In my last session the toe joint on my left foot which has been locked stiff over a decade freed up. Its impressive.

I think for all the physical benefits one of the most interesting points has been that Rob's treatment has promoted a change in how I perceive my body. It's not easy for a man of my age and background to use phrases like achieving balance and harmony - far too hippy - so I won't. What I can tell you is that I no longer think my body is rejecting me. In fact, I quite like it now it does more of what I want......….

Nicholas Brown isn't a professional sportsman, but is delighted that Rob treats ordinary mortals too. 

Nicolas Brown ( IT Business Manager ) Chiswick, London.


Disclaimer: The Bowen Technique and Robert Butler are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. ALWAYS consult your doctor.