Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique originates from Australia, and takes its name from the originator of the system, Tom Bowen. It has been practised in the United Kingdom since 1993.

The technique itself is a form of bodywork, where the practitioner uses touch to bring about positive changes in the body. In particular, Bowen treatment is a gentle and extremely precise form of soft tissue manipulation.

The aim of this therapy is to stimulate the body to rebalance itself; thus, promoting healing, pain relief and the recovery of energy through a process of auto-regulation. This is achieved through light touches causing muscles and tendons to move from and return to their point of origin – the ‘Bowen move’. Bowen moves are made across the body and not just in the injured areas; thereby triggering a knock-on effect throughout the entire body, ensuring that any changes made in the injured areas are fully integrated into the system as a whole.

This non-invasive approach allows the body to reorganise itself through stimulating neural reflexes and the important regulatory systems.

Quite simply one of the most straight forward and effective hands on therapies available.


The Bowen Technique has shown remarkable results with frozen shoulder, RSI, general skeletal dysfunction, asthma, sports injuries and infertility.


Bowen is one of the few hands on therapies that boasts its own clinical research. It gets very good results especially with persistent musculoskeletal problems.


Disclaimer: The Bowen Technique and Robert Butler are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. ALWAYS consult your doctor.


What Does the Bowen Technique Treat:

Bowen is a remarkable system that is truly effective across a wide range of ailments. If the natural balance of the body/mind is disrupted by disease, injury or stresses placed upon it, then Bowen Technique could be the solution.


Can You Diagnose What is Wrong?

NO. A full postural/gait assessment will be made before any hands-on work commences, also you will be advised to bring a list of medication and asked for your full medical history. However, the Bowen Technique and Bowen-Plus are not intended as a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

If in doubt, please consult your doctor.


What Should I Expect During a Treatment?

The first consultation begins with a full postural assessment, while both dynamic and static. A full medical history is also taken.

After assessing joint and movement function and addressing any weaknesses, the client is asked to lie on a treatment couch, unless unable to do so, in which case treatment is received while seated in a chair.

Then, the standard Bowen Technique treatment commences with the practitioner using their hands to make precise and gentle moves on the client’s body in a case-specific sequence. After a couple of these moves, the patient is left alone. This short break allows the body to “download” the information just introduced to the system. Some clients report feeling sensations such as tingling, heat or cold as the muscles relax and energy circulation improves. This sequence of Bowen moves followed by breaks is repeated throughout the treatment.


Will I Need to Undress?

No. Assessment and treatment can be performed with the client wearing light loose clothing, ideally T-shirt and shorts, but light trousers or jogging pants can also be worn.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on what conditions you are presenting and how you respond to treatment. You will be asked to book in for 2 sessions initially, a week apart. After these sessions are completed, whether or not you need further treatment will be assessed.


How Long Does an Appointment Last?

All appointments last approximately 1 hour.


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