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Robert Butler here.

I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself and explain how I got into this line of work.

I worked in engineering until seriously injuring my back, which led me to take 3 months’ sick leave. Subsequently, I re-injured my back on my first day back on the job! A further 2 months’ sick leave left me feeling incredibly frustrated, and not surprisingly, unemployed.


I was aged 26, and unable to stand up for more than 10 minutes without pain – despite following all the advice given to me by medical professionals. I concluded that the conventional approach to back pain at that time (rest, painkillers and anti-inflammatories) had failed badly.


In desperation, I looked at other approaches to try and regain my health. After many dead ends, I eventually stumbled across the Bowen Technique in 1996.


Initially, I was deeply sceptical that the Bowen Technique would produce any results due to its unconventional and light-touch approach. But after several sessions, I was restored to full health and pain free for the first time in over 1 year!


Naturally, I was impressed with these results. However, I was still dubious about the Bowen Technique, and thought my experience must have been a fluke. Fortunately, I was curious enough to investigate further, and signed up on an introductory course just a few months later.


Throughout my training, I saw more and more of these ‘flukes’. In fact, stories such as mine seemed to be more the ‘rule’ than the ‘exception’. I didn’t see these cases just at a distance, but already saw such improvements in people I worked on while just a trainee.


After qualifying in 1998, I was invited to join the clinical team at the prestigious Campion Clinic in North London. By working alongside some of the best in the business, I quickly gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. I also set up a clinic in my hometown of Derby, which is still running. Several years later, I moved my London clinic to Chiswick (W4).


Since completing my training, I have continually developed my skills and understanding of the Bowen Technique.  Not only, I have studied several interpretations of Tom Bowen’s work, but I have augmented this using other techniques designed to increase structural integration and optimise the natural movements of the body.


Thanks for bearing with me this far. Now, here’s the question that’s doubtless on your mind: Can I help you?


Perhaps you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the treatments on offer and maybe worried how much money it will cost until you find something that works (or how much it will cost when you do!)?


So let me be absolutely straight with you. The vast majority of my patients experience improvements in posture and movement. Generally, these improvements result in a reduction in the presenting symptoms, such as pain. I would also say this happens pretty quickly in comparison to most other treatments I’ve encountered. So, based on 14 years’ clinical experience, I would always suggest giving the Bowen Technique a try.


Naturally, this treatment is not a miracle cure-all panacea. There are some people who do not respond. I’ve been there – as a patient. I appreciated therapists who told me quickly if they weren’t seeing improvement and helped suggest alternatives that may work better. And this is exactly what I try to do now I’m on the other side of the table.


Alas I don’t have all the answers. But I do understand what it’s like to be in pain, to be frustrated, and maybe a little scared. I also understand how great it can be to have a treatment simply to improve performance or to simply chill out. I’ve spent the last 14 years training at the cutting edge of physical therapy simply so I can bring these benefits to people in my clinic. Why not give me a call?





Disclaimer: The Bowen Technique and Robert Butler are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. ALWAYS consult your doctor.















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